First tat! Each paw print representing one of my kitties. :D #yolo #cattattoo

It’s sucks to be sick on my birthday, but I’ve gotten so much love from everyone and I’m thankful to have people take the time out of their day to wish me a happy birthday. I’m also grateful to have such a wonderful family. I am truly blessed. #thankyousomuchyouguys

#selfies4life #lol

#peaceandduckface #andlove #lol (at Alamo Dome)

It’s such a beautiful day! #thesunlightismyfilter

From yesterday, haha. #ilookhighthough #butlunalooksadorable

I have traps to spare. #anybodywantssome?

Just lying in bed avoiding all my responsibilities as per usual. #afterwork #alliwannadoissleep #butthereissomuchtodo #doievenadult?

When I was at the gym today, I saw a man and a woman next to me who were taking turns bench pressing dumbbells. When the woman’s turn came up, the man would stand behind her and spot her, and I saw that she was pressing 20’s. She seemed like she was struggling a bit, and so the guy was doing what spotters do, and kept his hands near the weights in case she needed his help.

I bring this up because pressing 20lb. dumbbells is light weight for me now. But! It always wasn’t. I remember when I had trouble bringing up the dumbbells (at any weight) in unison and stabilizing my arms enough so as not to hit my hand with the opposite hand’s weight. And just like this woman, lifting the weight at all was a challenge. But now, that’s no longer an issue. Now, I can press 40lb. dumbbells on my own, and 45 pounders with a spotter (not yet confident enough that after a couple reps, I won’t drop the 45’s on myself, lol) 

Anyway, some of the points are: Progression is awesome! We all start somewhere. Little by little, a little becomes a lot!

I use the bench press exercise as an example, because it’s one of my favorite exercises (and the one I get the most excited about when I go up in weight on) and it’s also what the woman in this story was doing, but the same goes for every other exercise.

I was complimented on my shoulders today. :-D #alsohadanelderlygentlemancallmegorgeous #complimentsmakemehappy #sodoesmyhardworkpayingoff


Happy right now because I think I did good on my exam today, I got an A on the last one I just got back, I’m wearing my favorite shirt that my friend let me borrow, and my workout is done. Now I can lay back and relax for a bit! #thelittlethings #also #alsoijustateapoptart #thatsalsomakesmehappy #idontevenplayworldofwarcraft #butijustlovethisshirt #lol

I benched 45lb dumbbells today!!! A gym regular, who’s been nice enough to be my spotter when I bench, was there today and spotted me as I got the 40’s up a few times. Afterwards he said I was ready for the 45’s. I wasn’t sure about that, because I recently started with the 40’s (and almost dropped one on my face, haha), but as the dumbbells came down, lo and behold, I pushed them right back up! He helped me on a couple reps and I did 3 on my own! :-D #pr #yay #myarmsmaylooklikenoodles #andimaylooklikeanoodle #haha #butimgettingstronger

Celebrating because both my brothers got accepted to be part of the soccer program at St. Mary’s University! #lilbrothersaregoingtocollege! (at IHOP San Antonio)